A better way to treat arthritis, back pain and tendonitis.

  • Surgery is not always the answer.
  • Narcotics are not a long-term solution. 
  • We believe there is a better way and it’s available in northern Nevada. 

Sierra Stem Cell Institute was founded by Laurence McClish, MD and Andrew Wesely, MD in 2010. Realizing the potential of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy to treat patients and help them avoid surgery and long term pain management, the two joined forces to form northern Nevada’s premier stem cell therapy clinic.

Our goal: Help those suffering from chronic, painful musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions to heal without surgery

Decades of clinical experience revealed that a large group of patients struggle with pain and limited function, but their condition does not warrant surgery. Pain medications, chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapy and steroid injections often prove ineffective. The emergence of biological therapies has made it possible to diminish pain and restore function for some patients while avoiding surgery. 

Standing out in a stand-out field

Cutting-edge medicine tends to infiltrate the U.S. slowly. While other stem cell clinics do exist, they are not common and not all clinics are created equal. Here are some ways Sierra Stem Cell Institute is unique in the field of biologic medicine:


Proprietary procedures
Sierra Stem Cell Institute uses bone marrow in our stem cell preparation to maximize effectiveness. We have also developed a patent-pending system for measuring the make-up of platelet rich plasma, ensuring maximum efficacy.

Your treatment is unique
Every PRP/stem cell preparation is customized for the patient using their own biologic resources. No animal or other outside sources are ever used. We make our injection methods as simple, natural, and effective as possible.

The characteristics of our PRP/stem cell preparations have been confirmed by independent laboratory analysis at University of Nevada, School of Medicine. As we developed, our preparations have been analyzed regarding stem cell count, viability, surface marker expression, the ability to propagate in culture, platelet count, and white blood cell count and distribution.

Safety first and always
Our treatments are carried out in a single visit on the same day so patient tissue and blood never leaves the premises. Like an operating room, our PRP/stem cell preparation and tissue harvesting procedures are carried out in a sterile “clean room” environment and under sterile biosafety cabinets.