Although bone marrow has been the traditional source for stem cells,  recent research has shown that adipose (fat) tissue an excellent source as well.  Adipose stem cells obtained from fat tend to live longer when placed in an area of injury and have stronger anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

Stem cells are also about 500 times more abundant in fat tissue compared to bone marrow.  Adipose stem cells also tend to improve blood flow and enhance wound repair.   Increasing evidence supports the generalization that adipose stem cell therapy produces positive effects largely via secretion of various cytokines, such as growth factors, cytokines and chemokines, involving anti inflammatory and  immunomodulatory functions.

Numerous studies have shown stem cells concentrated from adipose tissue to be helpful with relieving pain and improving function in patients with arthritis,  spinal problems, and non healing injuries.

Even though the injection of adipose derived stem cells into joints has shown promise in lessening pain, it must be stated that adipose stem cell therapy has not been approved by the FDA as a definitive treatment for any condition.